Just Fun (partially found unreleased Beatles song; 1957)

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The band during the Get Back sessions

Status: Partially Found

Just Fun is an unreleased Beatles song written in the late 50's by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The song is regarded by many as the earliest known song written for the Beatles.[1]


Along with the unreleased Too Bad About Sorrows, Just Fun was written by the songwriting duo of John Lennon and Paul McCartney in late 1957. Although being one of the first songs the duo ever written, there was no known recording or performance of the song by the Beatles (or by their precursor, the Quarrymen).

Get Back Sessions

On January 6th, 1969, the first known mention of the song since first being written took place during the recording sessions for the Beatles' ill-fated album and film, Get Back. McCartney recalled writing the song with Lennon and then began singing and impromptu version of the first verse of the song.

Two days later on January 8th, began performing an impromptu version of Too Bad About Sorrows, before quoting a line from Just Fun. The band then ran through an extremely sloppy version of the song. This is the only known recording of the song performed by all four Beatles.[1]

The Beatles performing Just Fun during the Get Back sessions

Other Performances

While performing a soundcheck for his June 2nd, 2004 concert in Zurich, Switzerland, Paul McCartney played the most complete version of Just Fun. However, this performance wasn't professionally recorded, as the only surviving videos of this performance are of poor recording quality from the audience members in attendance. McCartney actually sings a second verse during this performance. However, the words from the performance are unable to be deciphered, making hearing the second verse next to impossible.[1]

2016 Rolling Stone Interview

During an interview with The Rolling Stone on August 10th, 2016, McCartney played the first verse of the song on an acoustic guitar. After performing the short snippet, he said of the song “I had a little school-exercise book where I wrote those lyrics down. And in the top right-hand corner of the page, I put ‘A Lennon-McCartney original.’ It was humble beginnings,”.[1]

Paul McCartney playing a snippet of the song during a BBC interview

Potential Release

It is unknown if a studio recording of the song exists, as many have speculated that the song was only written but never recorded. While the existence of a studio recording of the song is in question, it is also unknown that, if a recording of the song were to exist, when and where it would receive a proper release.

Known Lyrics


We said that our love was just fun

The day that our friendship begun

Well there's no blue moon that I can see

There's ever been in history

Because our love was just fun[2]