Kõige Suurem Sõber (partially found Estonian children's television series; 1982-1990)

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Status: Partially Found

Kõige Suurem Sõber (The Biggest Friend) is an Estonian children's television series that was broadcasted from 1982 to 1990. It is one of the most popular children's series in Estonia and a children’s icon in the nation.


Kõige Suurem Sõber debuted on ETV in 1982. The show’s protagonist was a huge fluffy creature named Leopold alongside a cast of recurring characters. The show was written by Lilian Põldre, directed by Tiiu Vahi and the artist was Gunt Randl. Little is known about the episodes from 1982-1988 because they are entirely lost. Most of the magnetic videotapes used for storage of the show have been recycled due to the perestroika-era deficits.


In early 2007, Ken Saan and others planned to create a disrespectful parody series, Täna Õhtul Leo Põld (Tonight Leo Pold), using the characters of this show in adult themes. Many people considered it extremely disrespectful and objected in many ways. Although a few episodes were produced, the series was cancelled before the pilot episode could air, which was scheduled for May 15th, 2007. Another reason why the series was cancelled, was due to the death of Dan Põldroos, one of the main actors in the parody. In response to the controversy, the Estonian National Broadcasting decided to copyright some of its most famous characters, including those from Kõige Suurem Sõber.[1] The broadcast of the pilot episode was moved to September 6th, 2007, at 22:05, but on September 5th, Harju Maakohus issued a temporary injunction against the broadcast until ETV's copyright was [2] On January 29th, 2009, Harju Maakohus dismissed the application and overturned all the interim orders relating to it, ruling that the plaintiff had not proved that the defendant was the producer of the show and therefore goes that the real defendant had already been sued.[3]


A few episodes are available on DVD[4] and VHS[5] archives,[6] as well as some reruns on Estonian television. Most of the series, however, are currently lost.


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