Kako Da Te Sutra Zovem (partially found Miro Semberac album; 1996)

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Miro restauirano.png

Photo of the album's cover.

Status: Partially Found

Miro Semberac is a Bosnian Serb singer and demobilized soldier of Garda Panteri (an elite unit of the Bosnian Serb army). He was born in Semberija (region in eastern Bosnia) and is currently famous online for his Bosnian War songs, most notably Jadna Bosno Suverena which achieved millions of views. So far, he released 3 albums: Puče Puška Na Sred Semberije, Srbi Svoju Državu Stvoriše (released under the SuperTon label) and Kako Da Te Sutra Zovem (released by RENOME).[1] Most of the songs he made are in support of the Bosnian Serb army and his own people. The first 2 albums have both been found in great quality[2][3], but the third one, Kako Da Te Sutra Zovem isn't complete.

The cover was originally found with a watermark that has been successfully removed, but it's still in low quality. If you want to see the watermark, you can see it here. The album's catalogue number is AK 043 which points to the year 1996.[4]


Currently, only 3 songs are available. They have been found on a Bulgarian site similar to YouTube (vbox7) uploaded by a user called fifetooo. Fifetooo uploaded these songs to his channel: Ni Jedna Me Nije Mazila, Vrati Mi Se and Prošla Si Ti.[5][6][7] The missing songs are: Lažu Oči Zelene, Ja Ti Nisam Rekao Zdravo, Mnoge Sam Zore Dočekao Sam, Takva Je Sudbina and Kako Da Te Sutra Zovem.[8] All of them seem to be about love, which is a common theme in the Turbo Folk genre.