Kanye Runaway Q&A with Sway (partially found MTV interview; 2010)

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Kanye Runaway Q&A with Sway.jpg

A screenshot of the interview

Status: Partially Found

On October 23rd, 2010, Kanye West’s film, Runaway (a companion film to his 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy), aired on MTV, MTV2, and BET. Following the conclusion of the premiere, a Q&A interview with Kanye, and hosted by Sway aired live on MTV.[1]


The interview was about Kanye answering personal questions from Sway, also answering fan questions on Twitter with the hashtag, #AskKanye.[2] Kanye mostly touches on his film, his new album, and his life experiences after his self-imposed exile following the Taylor Swift VMAs incident. The interview had notable moments, one of these moments was Kanye calling out the MTV crew on air, telling them to do their job right. However, the most worthy to come out of the interview was a GIF that became popular over the years. The gif shows Kanye laughing hysterically into a sudden blank expression.


Even though it premiered on MTV, it was never officially uploaded onto the official MTV website, opting to post a collection of short clips on their website. The clips have since been deleted from the site. The only way to watch the whole interview was if someone recorded the whole thing as it was happening. However, the links and videos that would upload the interview would be taken down for copyright from Viacom.

As of 2024, only a few clips from the interview has resurfaced. The whole interview has yet to resurface online.


A compilation of clips from the interview so far

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