KawaiiPiranha/Panoots cartoons (partially lost internet videos; 2010s)

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Panoots' current branding.

Status: Partially Lost

Mike Panetta, known by former internet alias and branding "KawaiiPiranha" and currently "Panoots", is an internet animator known for making humorous Flash animations in various subjects, such as The Big Bang Theory, Reddit and Tumblr. He currently has over 156,000 subscribers on YouTube with his main channel.

At some point for unknown reasons, Mike elected to take down a number of his animations that were hosted on his channel, whilst keeping up others with new thumbnails to fit the Panoots branding (not that missing cartoons weren't also under Panoots branding).[1] His old Newgrounds account has also been decimated of its content,[2] which happened to feature additional earlier animations he made.[3]

In attempts to investigate this, it was discovered that the majority of links relating to KawaiiPiranha had been excluded from the Wayback Machine. Whether it's YouTube upload URLs or Newgrounds URLs or otherwise, there's a strong consistency in pages being excluded with whatever URL relating to him is put in there. It's as if there was an intentional request on Mike's part to have his presence scrubbed from the archive. This of course prevents a lot of searching that could have been done around the archiving website as what is usually done for lost media efforts. There was an alternative internet archiving site that archived more information from his Newgrounds page, but this was ultimately misplaced in the search effort and has yet to have been relocated.[4]

Some of the missing cartoons (or at least elements of them) have been found through recovering the Flash SWF files, reuploads and Coub saving videos it uses for its GIF-making. A playlist has been made of what can be found of them.[5] Strangely, four videos uploaded in this effort were copyright-struck and taken down by what is verified to be Mike's actual email, despite him no longer hosting those videos anywhere and also having a more seldom seen internet presence nowadays, with him only occasionally posting on Twitter (usually upon Nintendo news)[6].

It's unknown if other internet archiving sites have any worthwhile captures relating to KawaiiPiranha, if the original SWF files for cartoons can be located off of the Ungrounded site or if someone could simply come forward with saved copies of these obscurer animations, all of which would further the search effort.


Name Status
Friendship Isn’t Real Found
Jingle Bears Found
Da Harry Patter Movie Found
dumblr 2 Found
The Thane of Whiterun Found
Jeffrey the Genie Found
My 19th Birthday Found
Under New Management Found
A SuperNormal Christmas (Supernatural Parody) Found
Awfully Fond of You Found
r/atheism Found
Polite Found
I animated a dream Found
Golurk is a Moron Found
Repulsion Gel Found
Innocent Video With No Intention of Selling You Anything Found
Gym Battles Found
Two-Man Pokemon Collab Found
Amnesia: The Dick Decent Found
So long, Edd. Found
Variety Found
Uh oh Found
Kid Icarus: Downfall Found
The Astronaut Lost
Red Guy and Blue Guy Lost
Edd Beats Cancer Found
The Evil Wizard Lost
The Origin of Snoop Lion Found
Welcome Home Emma Lost
Scarfy Found
Communication Error Lost
Happy Birthday, Mother Lost
Turtles Can Sing Found
Pac Man Chronicles Ep. 1 Found
MarioMADNESS(first flash) Found
End Of Summer Found
Canny The Can Found
Camping with Cuby Found
2+2 Found
Game Grumps Fan Animated: Butt Trees Lost