Ketchup: Cats Who Cook (partially lost Japanese-Australian-Chinese animated series; 1998-1999)

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VHS cover

Status: Partially Lost

Ketchup: Cats Who Cook (ケチャップ, 番茄酱) is an animated series co-production between NHK of Japan, Southern Star Entertainment of Australia, Shanghai Animation Film Studio and Shanghai Yilimie Animation Co of China. Each episode lasts approximately 5 minutes and there are 65 episodes in total.

The plot is roughly the story of Pickles, an apprentice chef, and his master chef, Goulash, who transform potential disasters into delicious food for their customers at Cafe Courgette, a bistro in the cat world.

The series was also shown in Japan, Australia, and China, but only the Japanese version has detailed information on each episode title and the period during which it aired. In Japan, the series aired from October 5th, 1998, to March 19th, 1999, and was re-aired until April 5th, 2006[1]. In Australia, it seems to have been aired on Nine Network and Network 10, but it is unclear when it started.


The English dub has been released on VHS by Just for Kids Home Video and has surfaced online, but it only contains up to episode 22 and no later episodes have been released or surfaced online. In addition, from June 12th, 2017, to March 9th, 2018, a YouTube channel called Puddle Jumper uploaded up to 20 episodes in high quality. In China, the show was released on two VCDs[2] instead of airing on TV, and only the first episode[3] and footage of episode 18[4][5] is available online. However, nothing has been released in Japan, and only the opening video of episode 48 is available online.

That opening video was probably recorded, and the uploader should be in possession of the full episode, but it is not expected to surface online.


Note: Episode numbers refer to the Japanese version.

# Japanese Title English Title Status Note
Japanese English
1 カフェ・コルジェットのスター?! Swept Away Lost Found
2 チョコレートをどうぞ Chocolate Treats Lost Found
3 カフェ・コルジェットで朝食を Breakfast At Courgette's Lost Found
4 プリンス モッグ Prince Mogg Lost Found
5 バナナ!バナナ!バナナ? Going Bananas Lost Found
6 ミステリー シンガー Mystery Singer Lost Found
7 消えた金魚ちゃん Something Fishy Lost Found
8 リトル・スカンピ Little Pesto Lost Found
9 みんな大好き マダム・コルジェット Everybody Loves Madame Courgette Lost Found
10 恋するスカンピ Pesto In Love Lost Found
11 ウソつきスカンピ Those Pesky Pestos Lost Found
12 セロリ大騒動 Noises Off Lost Found
13 ホットが一番 Hot Stuff Lost Found
14 名優ズッキーニ The Great Zucchini Lost Found
15 火星人現る The Martians have Landed Lost Found
16 ヨットで大変!! Bubble And Squeak Lost Found It is the 20th episode in the english dub.
17 ニセモノにご用心 The Frame Up Lost Found It is the 18th episode in the english dub.
18 おばけのクリスピー Crispy the Ghost Lost Found It is the 16th episode in the english dub.
19 グラーシュのケーキ Goulash Gateau Lost Found It is the 17th episode in the english dub.
20 サンドイッチの秘密 The Great Sandwich Swindle Lost Found It is the 19th episode in the english dub.
21 大好きいちごのケーキ Unknown Lost Found
22 めざせ!五ッ星★★★★★ Unknown Lost Lost
23 市長さんの誕生日 Unknown Lost Lost
24 マダムはスター!? Unknown Lost Found It is the 22th episode in the english dub.
25 ピクルスのピザ Unknown Lost Lost
26 サラダが一番 Unknown Lost Lost
27 どろんこケーキ Unknown Lost Lost
28 氷はこりごり Unknown Lost Lost
29 ブランチはカンペキ Unknown Lost Lost
30 古いパンでもアツアツ Unknown Lost Lost
31 ピンチ!?ピクルス Unknown Lost Lost
32 お料理はカンで Unknown Lost Lost
33 大洪水が来た Unknown Lost Lost
34 氷の彫刻 Unknown Lost Lost
35 ウェイター選手権 Unknown Lost Lost
36 ケッコンにはご用心 Unknown Lost Lost
37 秘密の宝 Unknown Lost Lost
38 ピクルス特製ソース Unknown Lost Lost
39 かわいいベビー Unknown Lost Lost
40 ロックンロール!! Unknown Lost Lost
41 テレビはドキドキ?? Unknown Lost Lost
42 ハンバーガー天国 Unknown Lost Lost
43 断水でパー!? Unknown Lost Lost
44 ホームシックのモンスター!? Unknown Lost Lost
45 爆弾クッキー Unknown Lost Lost
46 風速ゼロ Unknown Lost Lost
47 さよならクレープ Unknown Lost Lost
48 グーラシュの大先生 Unknown Partially Lost Lost
49 ドラマー ピクルス Unknown Lost Lost
50 元気もりもりスープ Unknown Lost Lost
51 カフェ・フラメンコ Unknown Lost Lost
52 恋のバーベキュー Unknown Lost Lost
53 恋しいママの味 Unknown Lost Lost
54 居残りスカンピ Unknown Lost Lost
55 なんでもコピー Unknown Lost Lost
56 甘さひかえめバナナケーキ Unknown Lost Lost
57 腹ペこウェイター Unknown Lost Lost
58 走るチョコムース Unknown Lost Lost
59 ピエロのチェリー Unknown Lost Lost
60 アブラカダブラ!? Unknown Lost Lost
61 モンスターカフェ Unknown Lost Lost
62 夢の大女優 Unknown Lost Lost
63 戦うスカンピ Unknown Lost Lost
64 スカンピの誕生日 Unknown Lost Lost
65 丸ぽちゃスカンピ Unknown Lost Lost


VHS Trailer by Just for Kids Home Video.

Japanese dub opening for Episode 48.