Kicchin Panikku: Aidaho Poteto no Gyakushū (lost build of cancelled Xbox 3D platformer sequel game; 2003)

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Kicchin panikku ~ aidaho poteto no gyakushū .jpg

Xbox flyer for the game that includes screenshots from the game.

Status: Lost

Kitchen Panic: Idaho Potato no Gyakushū (キッチンぱにっく ~アイダホポテトの逆襲~ in Japanese) was going to be a 3D platformer-adventure that would have been the sequel to the 1998 PlayStation 2D platformer of the same name, that was to be released on the Microsoft Xbox for 2004, and would be developed and published by Panther Software.[1]


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The game would have theplayer control Potato, and have him explore in the three-dimensional sandbox atmosphere of the kitchen, where they can have him roam around, swim, and defeat enemies. The game would have also utilized cel-shading graphics for the characters and backgrounds to retain the cartoon aesthetic of the original game.[1] It also would have supported Xbox Live.[2]


The game was quietly cancelled as it was never released or seen again. The developer company Panther Software hasn't updated its website in over 18 years, it's possible though unconfirmed that they might have went defunct, as most of the games they released or were upcoming were only exclusive to the original Xbox and the system was under-performing in Japan, which could also be the factor to why the game was cancelled.


Nothing has resurfaced about the game on the web. Only screenshots of the gameplay have resurfaced online on sites such as Famitsu and the official Panther Software's website.

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