Kid Thulhu and the Jan Ken Bunch (lost unreleased Newgrounds game; 2009)

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Status: Lost

Kid Thulhu and the Jan Ken Bunch was a Flash game being developed for the Newgrounds "Power of Three" event by Psycosis91, TheWaves, and Edd Gould in 2009.


The gameplay would follow a kid version of Cthulhu fighting in Mega Man style combat against the "Jan Ken Bunch", which were based on Rock-Paper-Scissors.[1]


The game was announced, late May 2009 through Edd Gould's blog:

"I have... formed a group with Psycosis91 (Who codes my games) and TheWaves (Who made the intro music for Moviemakers) for the Newgrounds "Power of Three" summer event - which basically means we shall be making a game together over the next few months, hopefully meaning it will be an awesome game!".[2]

There was little discussion of it afterwards.

In the final posts mentioning the game, Edd named it Kid Thulu and said it was about half-finished. No content from the game was ever shared.[2] Edd passed away from leukemia in 2012.[3]

Shortly after the release of "The End (Part 2)", Pycosis91 made a post on Newgrounds about his time working with Edd. In the post, he said the game was cancelled because he was starting university and Edd began to focus more on his series, Eddsworld. Three of the six planned levels were completed before development ended.[1]


In his blog post, Psycosis also stated that he hoped to complete the project someday as he had promised Edd he would.[1] In 2020, Eddsworld showrunner Matt Lobster commented on The Tomme Bear's "Eddsworld Video Games - Every Eddsworld Flash Game Reviewed" that he had found a test version of the game.[4] It may be released as part of the Archive Project through the Eddsworld Patreon.

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