KidsTube (partially lost videos from YouTube alternative website; 2008-2014)

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Logo of the website

Status: Partially Lost

KidsTube was a family-friendly, moderated video-sharing website meant for young children that was live from March 2008 to 2014[1][2]. The website was created by Barry J. "BJ" Crocker who conceived the idea when looking for safe websites for his son, Ezra. As he discovered that most sites were a "breeding ground" of negativity, he sought to create a moderated website for children that would allow positive communication between them and that would foster content creation skills[3]. The staff ensured moderation by pre-checking each individual uploaded video before it was posted[4].

The website's popularity was best marked by numerous web articles that discussed the site; it was described as an "anti-4Chan" and "good clean wholesome fun"[5]. One of the few videos discussing KidsTube is a commercial advertising the site hosted on Sean Sanczel's YouTube channel, with 734,434 views as of December 2022.

The website hosted weekly video contests that surrounded a particular theme; the winner was selected by the staff[6] and oftentimes received prizes[7].


Sean Sanczel's advertisement of KidsTube posted in 16 Feb. 2009.


The creator of the website was BJ Crocker, but he was also joined by several staff members over the years. Sean Sanczel was a graphics designer, animator, and administrator of the site. The CEO of the website from 2010 to June 2014 was Lianne Clenard[8].

Missing Videos

The website's uploaded videos were mostly lost when the website was shut down. An effort to reupload missing videos was started in June 2022 by a YouTube channel titled KidsTube Reuploads[9].