Kikoriki (partially found Italian dub of "Smeshariki" Russian animated TV series; 2010)

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The screenshot of Italian version's intro

Status: Partially Found

Kikoriki is a partially found Italian dub of hit Russian animated series Smeshariki. It was broadcast on Italia 1 TV channel from October 11th[1] until December 22nd 2010[2]. The animated series takes place in the Chamomile Valley, and follows the adventures of a blue rabbit named Krash, a magenta hedgehog named Chicko, a pink pig named Rosa, a black-and-white penguin named Pin, an orange bear named Barry, a purple owl named Olga, a golden yellow moose named Dokko, a lavender ram named Wally, and a blue crow named Carlin.

Main Information

The dubbing for this series was created by the "Logos S.R.L." studio on behalf of the Mediaset S.p.A. TV company and was broadcast on Italia 1 TV channel from October 11th until December 22nd, 2010. In total, 23 episodes were dubbed.

The characters had their own Italian names: Krash was named Jumpy, Chicko as Joshi, Wally as Fluff, Rosa as Pinky, Dokko as Eldoc, Carlin as BigBig and Barry as Berry. However, some characters, such as Olga and Pin, were left with the same names[1].

For the intro and end credits, Oliana, Danilo Bernardi, and Giuseppe Zanca composed a song with the same name, in which the audience are greeted with the main characters.

Dubbing Crew

  • Dubbing Director: Stefania Patruno
  • Translation: C.I.T.I.
  • Dialogues: Mara Chemini, Fiamma Molinari, Anna Grisoni, Stefania Patruno, Olivero Corbetta
  • Synchronization: Giancarlo Martino
  • Video Post Production: Valentina Corti

Voice Cast

  • Marco Balzarotti as Narrator
  • Dania Cericola as Olga
  • Mario Scarabelli as BigBig
  • Paolo De Santis as Jumpy
  • Davide Garbolino as Joshi
  • Lorella De Luca as Pinky
  • Gianluca Iacono as Fluff
  • Alessandro Zurla as Eldoc
  • Oliviero Corbetta as Berry
  • Pietro Ubaldi as Pin[1]


At the moment, all episodes in the Italian dub are not available online. However, on YouTube the introduction and end credits from the Italian version of the animated series are available. Previously, an extended version of the song "Kikoriki" was uploaded on YouTube by user alxbrn on February 26th, 2021[3]. However, the video is no longer available because the account it has been terminated.


The Italian intro for the animated series.

The Italian intro and end credits for the animated series.