King of the Hill "Pigmalion" (non-existent deleted scene of Fox animated sitcom episode; 2003)

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Trip Larsen before being killed by the machine off-screen.

Status: Non-Existent

"Pigmalion" is the 135th episode of Fox animated sitcom, King of the Hill. The episode became mostly notorious for its dark and disturbing nature and was banned and held back by Fox until season 7. Though, for the longest time, it was rumored that an extra scene showing Trip's corpse was shown before being deleted in later re-runs.


In the episode, Peggy hears Luanne getting yelled at by her boss. Peggy then tells Luanne's boss that she is quitting her job at Rattlesnakes because she didn't like being chastised at work. In Peggy's office, Luanne asks Peggy if she can stop making decisions in her life, Peggy then enrolls Luanne in a lecture at the Annex where she meets billionaire, Trip Larsen (voiced by Michael Keaton). The trip offers Luanne a job at Larsen Pork Products and schedules an interview at his house which she accepts. Mischief then happens as Luanne dates Trip and starts to get suspicious of him. Later that night, Trip proposes to Luanne dressed as a pig and to marry a man like the man from the Larsen ad. Luanne gets scared and runs away, making Trip start to chase her, even getting Peggy involved in the chase.

Luanne enters a slaughterhouse where she gets stuck, letting Trip catch up to her. Luanne then breaks free and gets off the conveyor belt and Peggy starts to push buttons on the machine. Peggy activates a large, impaling spike on the machine as Trip laughs maniacally before getting shocked. Trip regains his sanity and wonders why he's in a pig costume before letting out an "uh-oh" as he discovers his fate. Peggy and Luanne watch in horror as Trip screams and gets impaled off-screen. The episode then ends as Peggy tells Luanne she handled everything like a true woman. Luanne then calls it a happy ending as Peggy looks at the machine and saying "happy enough," implying that Trip's body or what's left of his body is still in the machine.

Rumored Scene

For the longest time, it was rumored that the original airing had a slightly different ending than the later re-runs. The original ending will run as normal after Trip Larsen's death in the slaughter, and when Luanne & Peggy were saying the last bit of dialogue. Though, it shown the bloody corpse of Trip Larsen sliding back behind the two women. The scene had to be removed from re-runs due to how dark it was and instead faded out before the body was shown.[1][2] The most common evidence of the scene was from people who recalled seeing the scene.

Non-Existence Confirmed

On February 4th, 2022, Youtuber Media Mementos uploaded a video of the ending scene from the original airing, and proving that there was never a scene showing Trip's corpse on the hook, ending this rumor altogether.



Footage of the ending from the original airing.


Media Mementos' video about the episode and rumored scene (starts at 4:47-5:35).

SewerReviewer's video on the subject (starts at 29:18-30:22).

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