Klay World: The Invasion (partially found PC game based on claymation web series; 2006)

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An image of concept art for the game with the logo over it.

Status: Partially Found

Klay World is a web series of stop-motion claymation videos made by Robert Benfer (AKA Knox). The show showcases a group of clay people (usually blue, but other colors aren't uncommon) and their antics atop the table that is their world. It's generally regarded as the codifier of internet claymation comedy, and most subsequent similar works tend to follow the same pattern.[1]

Klay World: The Invasion was a PC game based on the series built on the GameStudio A6 engine. A demo of the game was uploaded in 2006 onto Knox's old website (Knox's Korner), and was developed by an indie game developer called Mocos Games. Not much is known about Mocos Games itself, but Klay World: The Invasion was apparently the only game they had ever made, as seen in their website,[2] and their forum website.[3] In their website, they say the idea was made by Knox, but Mocos Games designed the game.


The game is a first-person shooter as you play as a blue klayman in a room on a table, killing red klaymen as you collect items like weapons, health, and ammo. To beat the game demo, you have to meet another blue klayman with a hat under the table, and it will play a cutscene saying "You win!"

There is a working demo, however, the demo features 3 weapons(an SMG, Rocket Launcher, and Shotgun), and the "table" level. It is not time-limited, and can be replayed. It features a third-person mode which the user can enable with the "V" key, and disable with the "C" key. The demo spawns the player in the first person, however, when the player restarts the game, the view shifts to the third person. It is unknown if this was intentional or if it was a bug.

Screenshots of the full game were released by Mocos Games and a walkthrough of the demo was posted on YouTube by a user known as thebonefamily.

In May 2019, a user named Bitl posted a MEGA link to the demo on the Lost Media Wiki Discord server, and later released an Internet Archive link. The demo was compiled on 03-26-2006, as confirmed by another user on the server; TheDiscordDrummer. Bitl later uploaded a version of the demo with all assets extracted onto both the Internet Archive and MEGA for modding and research purposes. TheDiscordDrummer later released a Pastebin asset dump document of the game's files.[4] On June 16th, 2019, a Discord user named Coke (coke#8234) released a modified version of the acknex.dll used in Klay Word, which enables the game demo to be moddable.




The walkthrough by thebonefamily.


GabLab's video on the subject.

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