Kto Mnogo Molchyt (lost song from Russian rock band Picnic; 1981)

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The cover art of the Picnic's album Dym.

Status: Lost

Picnic is a Russian rock band known for its unique style which is a mixture of art rock, progressive rock and original Russian rock. The band was formed in 1978 in Leningrad by Sergey Omelnichenko, Evgeny Voloschuk, Aleksey Dobychin and Edmund Shklyarskiy. Piknic is considered to be one of the "classic" Russian rock bands. Originated from the classic rock with huge influence of Jethro Tull and Led Zeppelin, its music progressed into its own style with using symphonic and exotic folk instruments. Also Piknik is considered sometimes to be the first Russian gothic rock band due to its specific sound, stage performances and dark lyrics.

In 1981 the popular russian rock band Picnic recorded and published the first album Dym. It was recorded by Andrey Tropillo at the House of the Young Technician and released as a magnetic album. In 1999 it was included in the summary of "100 Magnetic Albums of Soviet Rock" by Alexander Kushnir.

The original version of this album included songs such as "Disk Jockey", "Kto Mnogo Molchyt" (Who don't talk a lot), "Velosiped" (Bicycle) and "Za Nevinno Ubiennyh" (For the innocently killed). The song "Za Nevinno Ubiennyh" the song was included in the album Nemnogo Ognya (1994), "Disk Jockey" was overwritten for the album Steklo (1997), but in was in some magnetic albums with two versions and full verses with the song "Velosiped".[1]

The song "Kto Mnogo Molchyt" is the only unpreserved. At the moment it is considered lost from the words of the Edmund Shklyarskiy.[2]