Kung Fu Wa! (found early short pilot episode of "Tencent" animated Chinese children's magical girl series; 2020)

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Promotional image for the early animation test.

Status: Found

Date found: 01 Aug 2022

Found by: Oztrose

Kung Fu Wa! (also known as Kung Fu Sock in the English dub, and 天真与功夫袜 in Chinese, Innocence and Kung Fu Socks as an unofficial translation) is a Chinese superhero/magical girl animated series created by UYoung and Tencent on August 3rd, 2021. The series was later dubbed into Spanish and Brazilian, which airs on Discovery Kids, in April 2022, and into English, which airs on Pop, on July 25th, 2022. A spinoff (Kung Fu Wa: Defend Starry Island!, unofficial name) was later released on an unknown date, which is only available in Chinese, aimed at 4 to 6-year-olds, and teaches good habits.[1]


An image of Tee Zeng, the main character of the final series, with Kung Fu Wa.

The series follows the adventures of a curious 8-year-old girl named Tee Zeng (voiced by TikTok star Sofia Gomez)[2] who always dreamed of going on adventures and exploring wonderful places, and then one day she finds an odd-looking sock in her mother’s laundry that…. talks, and was originally a Kung Fu Master from another world charged with guarding an ancient scroll. When the Master came through a vortex into Tee Zeng’s time, his powers were weakened, and he was transformed into a sock. However, when Tee Zeng puts the sock on her foot she transforms into a superheroine – Kung Fu Girl, and together they must complete Kung Fu Wa’s mission and follow the ancient scroll to defeat evil and protect their world.

Tee Zeng (TZ for Short, 天真 in the Chinese dub, and Tee Yang in the Portuguese and Spanish dub) is an ordinary girl that goes to a school on Starry Island. She has a best friend there. She is often known as curious and is an 8-year-old. but When Tee Zeng puts on Kung Fu Sock, she transforms into an anonymous super-heroine called Kung Fu Girl. She defeats Quay-possessed monsters to get the Quay to the Dragon Scroll, You can imagine them being inside anything, like a statue, animal or a quay creating something itself. She is voiced by Sofia Gomez.

Master Kicko ( 一蹬大师 in the Chinese dub, and Maestro Patada in the Portuguese and Spanish dub) was a retired (possibly) Kung Fu Master for Manipulens, Master Kicko used to live in Baskerville 10,000 years ago until he got turned into a sock from a giant purple hole to the future and his owner is Tee Zeng, They tried to keep it a secret, When turned into a sock he was given a name: Kung Fu Sock (Kung Fu Wa in China and Latin America) He is voiced by Alex Teixeira.

Kung Fu Wa!'s pilot and discovery

The animation test, commonly known as the series' pilot episode, was released on an unknown date in 2020. The pilot sees Tee Zeng (also known as Tian Zhen in the original Chinese dub and Tee Yang in the Spanish/Brazilian dub) with her sock (Kung Fu Wa) Tee Zeng looked different in the pilot, and she is seen transforming into Kung Fu Girl after putting the sock on. The pilot played a Korean song named "Put on spell on (주문을 걸어)". The song was released in 2004. On August 1, 2022, the YouTuber Oztrose claimed that he worked for the pilot. As a result, the pilot was released on YouTube the same day.



Images of the pilot. They were found by Mario Felix.

The short 52-second pilot uploaded by Oztrose, who is notable for working for the pilot.