Kurikuri Golf in Korokoro Island (lost Japan only mobile golf game; 2007)

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In-game screenshots from the official site.

Status: Lost

Kurikuri Golf in Korokoro Island is a mobile Japan-exclusive golf spinoff of The Adventures of Cookie & Cream (or Kurikuri Mix as it was known outside of America). The game had its own dedicated website,[1] which is now defunct. According to the description on the site the game was quite simple, advertising the ability to play with one hand, and with only two playable characters, those being Cookie/Chestnut and Cream. The game supposedly has a sidescrolling appearance, with 3D character models and 4 worlds to golf in, with 18 holes in each.[2] It also boasts online compatibility, in the form of an online ranking for all over the country.

Compatible Phone Models

Notably, the site has a list of phone models that the game was compatible with, however the list changed as the site was updated. The earliest version of the list includes the following: FOMA 900i series or later, BREW 2.1 or later, J-SH53, V601SH, V602SH, V601T, V602 (nudio), and V603SH. The list was later cut down, removing all vodafone phones from the list, leaving only FOMA900i or later, and Yahoo! Keitai phones of 256k, and 256k version 2. It's worth noting however that the EZWeb phones (Brew 2.1 or later) along with the Yahoo! Keitai phones say "Currently being delivered!" which makes it unclear if they were ever actually released for those particular phones.