Léa et Gaspard (found animated series; 1993)

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Original French logo of the series.

Status: Found

Date found: 09 Dec '16

Found by: Ryan Vo

Léa et Gaspard (also known in English as Zoe and Charlie) is a French-Canadian animated series, consisting of 26 episodes that are each 5 minutes long. It originally aired on channel Canal + in France in 1993.


The protagonists are Zoe, a thin sporty girl who is a health nut, and Charlie, a younger boy who is pudgy and enjoys fatty foods. Each episode was a parody of a fairy tale or famous mythical story that would center around eating well.

Recurring characters apart from the leading duo were several talking animals, including chickens, a horse, a cat and wolves (who would often be the villains).


The episodes never came out on VHS or DVD.

As of December 9th, 2016, the full series in French was uploaded on the "Ryan Vo" YouTube channel, from modern Canadian airings.

List of Episodes

  1. Bûches et Embûches (Hey Good Lookin', What's Cookin'?) ; story parodies Hop-O'-My-Thumb.
  2. Vive Les Mariés (A Nibble Romance) ; story parodies Romeo and Juliet.
  3. Senora Sac d'Os (Dairyland of La Mancha) ; story parodies Don Quixote.
  4. Bien dans sa Peau (Charlienstein) ; story parodies Frankenstein.
  5. Marie-Rose et les Sept Totos (Mirror, Mirror on the Wall) ; story parodies Snow White.
  6. Manque de Bols (Charlie Hood) ; story parodies the Robin Hood myth.
  7. Pom Pom Pom (Apple's Away) ; story parodies the story of William Tell.
  8. Cannibales à Babord (Trouble in the Tropics) ; story parodies Robinson Crusoe.
  9. La Malédiction du Sucre d'Orge (Sleeping Charlie) ; story parodies Sleeping Beauty.
  10. Les Milles et un Plats (A Thousand & One Bites) ; story parodies Arabian Nights.
  11. C'est Beau et C'est Bon (Huff & Puff & Stuff) ; story parodies The Three Little Pigs.
  12. La Pantoufle d'Hollywood (Cinderzoe Superstar) ; story parodies Cinderella.
  13. Opération Père Noël (The Mystery of the Absent Presents) ; story parodies the Santa Claus myth.
  14. Le Palais des Cinq Sens (The Nose Knows) ; story parodies the story of Cleopatra.
  15. La Lentille ou le Bison (Ride'em Zoe) ; story parodies the story of Buffalo Bill.
  16. Varions Les Plaisirs (Little Bread Riding Hood) ; story parodies Little Red Riding Hood.
  17. Les Trois Voeux (Three Delicious Wishes) ; story parodies Aladdin.
  18. Ce Qu'il Faut Savoir des Épinards (The Vampire Who Hated Spinach) ; story parodies Dracula.
  19. Le Prince et la Mécano (Prince & the Chomper) ; story parodies Donkey Skin.
  20. Cultivons Notre Jardin (Picnic in Paradise) ; story parodies the story of Adam and Eve.
  21. Les Ogres d'Antan (Ogres Ain't What They Used To Be) ; story parodies Puss In Boots.
  22. Vive La Reine (Feeding Friendly) ; story parodies Gulliver's Travels.
  23. L'Oeuf sur la Coque (The Great Eggsplorer) ; story parodies Christopher Columbus.
  24. Les Yeux Plus Gros que le Ventre (The Castle of Greed) ; story parodies Bluebeard.
  25. L'Art de la Fugue (Who Am I? Chop Liver) ; story parodies Pinocchio.
  26. La Valse des Sorcières (A Wacky Witchie's Brew) ; story parodies Hansel and Gretel.

English Dub

The cartoon also aired in Canada on Unis TV. It was dubbed in English and at least shown on TVOntario (a Canadian channel) on the kids' block TVOKids: The Crawlspace. It was also aired on CBC back in the early 2000s.

Only a small number of English-dubbed episodes are available to watch online. Episode 21 "Ogres Ain't What They Used To Be" (Les Ogres d'Antan), episode 14 "The Nose Knows" (Le Palais des Cinq Sens) from the "VideoCassettes" YouTube channel, and Episode 11 "Huff & Puff & Stuff" (C'est Beau et C'est Bon) have been uploaded to YouTube. Part of the episode Manque de Bols (Charlie Hood) and the full episode of Charlienstein (Bien dans sa Peau) were uploaded on the "Cinegroupe Catalogue" YouTube channel.


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