Léon le Caméléon (lost French cartoon series; 1983-1985)

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A frame from the series.

Status: Lost

Léon le Caméléon is a French animated series made in 1983 that spans around 40 episodes in a one and a half minute timeframe. The series was produced by the S.F.P., and was exhibited by Le Village dans les nuages, series which is the successor to the French children's television series, L'Île aux enfants that ran for 650 episodes between 1982 and 1985 on the channel TF1.[1]

The series is an original creation from the beloved animator Jacques Lelievre.[2]


The series is about the little adventures of the titular character, Léon, an amusing but rather cheeky chameleon who won't resist to do silly things such as bother some snail who just wants to be left alone but doesn't really mean any harm to said snail but just annoys it.


The cartoon ran for 40 episodes on Le Village dans les nuages on Saturday morning-like programs between 1983 and possible reruns until 1985. It's unknown if the cartoon ever aired in anything else after that.



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