Touli le gardien des rêves (partially found stop-motion animated series; 1992)

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Touli, the title character.

Status: Partially Found

Touli le gardien des rêves (translates as Touli The Dreamkeeper in French) was a French stop-motion animated series that was originally aired in 1992. Produced by S.F.P Productions, Canal J and France 3, it was 101 episodes of two to three minutes each. The series had no dialogue, but its title and opening theme were in French.


It was a little magician clown, Touli, who lived inside a cloudy and icy land filled with cardboard boxes. His job was packing children's dreams inside boxes and filing them out on paper. He had magical powers, being described by the show theme as the "number one magician" (he had a "1" written on his chest). It was mostly presented as a piece of green modeling clay that could turn into anything.

Each episode, about 2 minutes and a half long, would start with Touli putting things in order, but a dream box would move and/or make a strange sound. Sensing something not quite right, Touli would open the box and enter the dream inside it to solve a problem.

The dream would usually involve an animal or a child needing some kind of help, Touli would think of something, indicated by his hat pulsing, then extending in sparks when finding the idea. He would then usually take out his magic green clay to create an object that'll help solve the situation.

Recurring characters include a little boy, a little girl, a cat, a robot, a cow and a ghost. They would either be the ones needing help or play a more antagonistic role.


This series was the last TV creation by authors Italo Bettiol and Stephano Lonati; another famous stop-motion animation work of theirs was Chapi Chapo, which could be seen as a spiritual predecessor.

One of the animators was Turkish Ümit Solak, who also created in his home country a series of stop-motion shorts based on Nasreddin Hodja, a famous figure of Muslim culture.

Airings and Availability

According to some other viewers who caught it on TV, it was originally shown on public TV channel France 3. In the mid-1990s, it was also screened on overseas French-language channel CFI, among other now-obscure cartoons (as it was possibly cheaper to license).

Thanks to the recently discovered episodes with Persian text, we can assume that the series aired in Iran as well. Small pieces of information about a Russian version are circulating too.

The found episodes have been on the Persian website TeleWebion. About 51 episodes were spotted back in 2014, but less are available now.

Most of the available episodes have been mirrored (thanks to user Don't Feed The Kitty) on the YouTube channels Super 80-90s !!!, and one on PepsiWithCoke's channel.


Opening theme with vocals, in French.
Ghost doesn't want to be scary.
Hungry cat.
Croaking robot.
Mouse and dog.
Rocking chair.
Dirty ghost.
Thirsty flower.
Sad cow.
Boxing kangaroo.
Laundry elephant.
Toy boat.
Toy car.
Mouse and cat.
Rabbit and piggy bank.
Cat wants to be a tiger.
Two vehicles.
Bathtub (also includes end credits).

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