LIVE-The Death Of A Dictionary (partially found out of print debut album; 1989)

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The band Public Affection (now known as LIVE) as featured on the album.

Status: Partially Found

LIVE is an American Alternative Rock band from York, Pennsylvania. Beginning in 1991, the band released their official debut album, Mental Jewelry which led to their breakout success and a successful ongoing 30-year career in the Music Industry. To date, LIVE has sold over 22 million albums worldwide and produced two number one albums, "Secret Samadhi" and "Throwing Copper". Many fans are not aware, however, of the original debut album created and released by the band, with their original name, Public Affection, titled The Death Of Dictionary.


The band LIVE (originally titled Public Affection) was formed in 1989 in York Pennsylvania. The band members, Ed Kowalczyk, Chad Taylor, Patrick Dahlheimer, and Chad Gracey, all met while still in High School. After graduation, the band formed their own Record Label, Action Front Records, and self-produced only 1,000 copies of the album, exclusively on Cassette, in June 1989. Due to the nature of the release of the album, physical copies of the album are extremely rare and difficult to come by. The album, however, is readily available through digital copies.


As of 2019, the album is still out of print, with only one song of the track listing, Good Pain, having been reworked and released on 1991's Mental Jewelry. The remaining tracks can only be heard on The Death Of A Dictionary.

Track Listing

  • "Saviour For A Day"
  • "Who Put The Fear In Here?"
  • "Good Pain" (Reworked and released on 1991's Mental Jewelry)
  • "Morning Humor"
  • "Paper Flowers"
  • "The Hands Of A Teacher"
  • "Sister"
  • "Raising A Man"
  • "Libra"
  • "Ball And Chain"


The Full album available on YouTube.

Rare footage of Public Affection performing at the CBGB's on December 5th, 1990.

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