LMNO (lost build of cancelled Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 game by Steven Spielberg; 2005-2010)

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Eva, one of the main characters of the game.

Status: Lost

LMNO was a cancelled video game created by Electronic Arts (EA), and was directed by popular film director Steven Spielberg, and was most likely going to be released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.


The game was in first person, with the gameplay focusing mainly on parkour, with RPG and adventure elements, based on the player's relationship with a character named Eve, an orange-yellow alien looking character. You would also talk to NPCs throughout the game to uncover information.[1]


The game was rumored to have a troubled development due to factors outside of the game. Because of EA's financial trouble at the time, employees had to be laid off, including some of the development team of LMNO. As a result, only a handful of employees may have been working on the project by 2008.[2] This caused the game to have less dialogue and more action in the gameplay. In 2010, the game was confirmed to be cancelled.[3]


No build of the game has been released. There have been a few screenshots, and some footage, released, but otherwise, the game hasn't been seen ever since it's cancellation.



A trailer for the game.

Test animation for the game.


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