La Compète AKA Pierre et Isa (partially found French sports animated series; 1991)

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Logo of the Pierre et Isa title.

Status: Partially found

La Compète, also aired under the title Pierre et Isa (The Competition aka Pierre & Isa, respectively), is a French sports animated series that originally aired in December of 1991 on channel Antenne 2. While mostly traditionally-animated, it was one of the first French animated shows using CGI.


Pierre and Isa are two winter sports athletes from the (fictional) Republic of Ankor, childhood friends with romantic feelings towards each other. They have formed a team with friends such as their coach Mr Albert, Ernest the nerdy inventor and Floppy their wacky groundhog mascot. They are preparing for the Olympics but they are antagonized by a rival team from the (fictional) Nezir principality, headed by the villainous Princess Ingrid aided by her henchmen Hubert and Carlo.


The series was reaired on the same channel (then renamed France 2) as late as 1997, and at least on satellite channel CFI in about the same year.

Home video releases were very rare and no footage of the show could be found online until two German dubbed episodes were uploaded in 2010 (as Pierre und Isa) by "Kawaiikong" and the French intro in 2012 by "darkn8t1". Nostalgia channel "Télé NostalGeek" uploaded two episodes of the French dub in 2023.

As shown, the series seemed to have had a level of popularity in Germany. To add to the matter, the show gained a Wikipedia entry on its German version while it has none in the French version.

Episode List

# Title Status (French) Status (German/foreign)
1 27ème porte ("27th door") Lost Lost
2 A ta santé ("Cheers to you") Lost Lost
3 Abracadabra Lost Lost
4 Angoisse ("Anguish") Lost Lost
5 Ankoriennes ("Ankorian Ladies") Lost Lost
6 Ankorium 250 Found Lost
7 Anniversaire d'Isa ("Isa's birthday") Lost Lost
8 Copies conformes ("Perfect copies") Lost Lost
9 Coup de froid ("Cold snap") Lost Lost
10 Course contre la mort ("Race against death") Lost Lost
11 Flamme olympique ("Jolibois VS Porkyland") Lost Lost
12 Grands moyens ("Big means") Lost Lost
13 Machination Lost Lost
14 Menaces ("Threats") Lost Lost
15 Mousquetaires ("Musketeers") Lost Lost
16 Mystère au clair de lune ("Mystery under the moonlight") Lost Lost
17 Otage ("Hostage") Lost Lost
18 Pas de fumée sans feu (Where there's smoke there's fire") Lost Lost
19 Qui fait courir Isa ("Who is making Isa run") Lost Lost
20 Recette du succès ("Recipe for success") Lost Found
21 Secret de Pierre ("Pierre's secret") Lost Lost
22 Trahison ("Treason") Lost Lost
23 Troc ("Barter") Lost Found
24 Trou ("Hole") Lost Lost
25 Yéti ("Yeti") Lost Lost
26 Zizanie ("Dissension") Lost Lost


Intro of the show in French

Extended intro of the show in German

Intro and outro of the show in German

Episode 6, French dub

Unconfirmed episode, French dub

1/3 of Episode 14, German dub

2/3 of Episode 14, German dub

3/3 of Episode 14, German dub

1/3 of Episode 15, German dub

2/3 of Episode 15, German dub

3/3 of Episode 15, German dub


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