Laserblast II (lost production material of cancelled film sequel to 'Laserblast'; 1980)

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Laserblast 2.jpg

The one known poster for the film.

Status: Lost

Laserblast 2 was a planned sequel to the infamous 1978 sci-fi B-movie Laserblast; it was first announced in 1980. As the years went by, various updates about the movie surfaced, stating it as being in various stages of development, but no footage was ever released.

The rather sparse synopsis for the proposed film, according to a promotional poster[1], read:

"The Ultimate Alien Weapon is back, and it is with two seemingly innocent Boy Scouts in a small Iowa township. The incredible power of the shattering beam of the Laserblaster challenges the boys and the life of their hometown forever."

Charles Band had hired Michael Miner (who had previously worked on Robocop) to help develop the movie. Miner wrote a script, and while Band liked it, he didn't feel that it was good enough to be Laserblast 2. The script ended up being modified and turned into the unrelated film Deadly Weapon as they continued to plan for Laserblast 2. It has been reported that Micheal does not own this version of the script.

While working on the film, the film studio (Charles Band Productions) had financial troubles, and the project was scrapped. Eventually, in the early 1990s, the full rights for the film went up for sale. No one knows if the rights were bought.

No footage of the film is known to exist, and nothing beyond some posters have survived. As such, this sequel has never seen the light of day.

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