Le Couteau sous la Gorge (found French crime film; 1955)

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Film poster.

Status: Found

Date found: 29 Apr 2021

Found by: Nordine Mon Cinéma

Le Couteau sous la Gorge (The Knife to the Throat) is a 1955 French crime film directed by Jacques Severac. The film tells the story of Dr. Mark Hourtin, whose son is kidnapped by unknown kidnappers. After Dr. Hourtin pays the ransom demanded by the kidnappers, the son fails to return home. Commissioner Lucas is assigned to investigate the case. Faced with the lack of clues, he is forced to ask for help from crook Pacos le Maltais, who appears to have vital information about the kidnapping. Despite the lack of news and the belief that the child might have been killed, le Maltais provides Commissioner Lucas with clues that eventually lead him to the truth about the abduction.[1]

The film is mostly unknown outside France, and most information about the film is on French film websites. Even on French sources, very little information about the film can be found. As of today, no known physical copy of this film is known to have surfaced, and only a small handful of images relating to the film are available.


On April 29th, 2021, the Youtube channel Nordine Mon Cinéma uploaded the film.


Le Couteau sous la Gorge