Legendz (found English dub pilot of anime series; 2004)

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Promo art.

Status: Found

Date found: 06 Mar 2014

Found by: James Mastroianni

Legendz (also known as Legendz: Tale of the Dragon Kings) is a Japanese animated series that is part of the short-lived Legendz media franchise by Bandai and WiZ. Produced by Studio Gallop, the show aired for 50 episodes on Fuji TV between April 2004 and March 2005 in Japan.

American toy manufacturer Hasbro planned on bringing the series to Western markets.[1] In July 2004, the company commissioned an English language pilot (consisting of episode 13) and a promotional reel to try to interest broadcasters.[2] Both were recorded in Los Angeles and featured Steve Blum. The series was pitched to Cartoon Network and ABC Family, who turned it down.[3] In 2010, the producer on the project uploaded the promo onto YouTube. In 2014, he uploaded the entire pilot.


Legendz Sizzle trailer.

Legendz English anime pilot.