Lep's World Run (found fourth installment of mobile platformer game series; 2014)

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Title screen of the game.

Status: Found

Date found: 20 May 2023

Found by: BlueJayDudeProductions

Lep's World Run was a video game developed by nerByte, meant to be the fourth game of the Lep's World game franchise. Developed throughout 2014, a trailer released on November 18th, 2014 showcasing the game. [1] The game was released for IOS, on the App Stores, with plans in mind to sometimes release the game onto the Android Play Store and the Microsoft Windows Store. [2]


Lep's World, is a platformer game developed and released by nerByte GMBH in 2010. In 2012, Lep's World 2 would release,[3][4] and in 2013, Lep's World 3.[5] The games were extremely similar to Super Mario Brothers in nature. nerByte is located in Austria,[6] and have developed other games, such as Spider Solitaire. Lep's World Run, functioned more like a runner game.


Footage of Gameplay[7]

The game was similar to another game, Cookie Run, gameplay-wise. The player would control an ongoing running character, such as Lep and his friends, and would have to dodge obstacles and collect items, at the same time. Some items were flowers, which were collected into letters that spelled out words.

"As angry goblins sprang forth in hot pursuit, Lep ran as fast as he could through the dark corridors of the castle, past an endless array of dangerous pitfalls. Sometimes a shadowy figure would flash some gold or diamonds, hoping that Lep would be fooled and fall into a Senie bag. The flight was easy for him, but the search for the treasure scattered by the goblins was a challenge. Before him lie the scary forest and other dangerous places, which Lep had to traverse. Whenever the challenge seemed a bit too great, he turned himself into a new leprechaun and, with those skills, mastered the situation. So runs Lep through fantastic, phantasmagorical worlds full of magic and adventure." - Official description.


Early build of future Lep's World game

Due to copyright claims made by the developers of Cookie Run, Devsisters, at an unknown point, the game was pulled from the App Store. No new footage past late 2015 exists on YouTube, which probably means it was taken off from the App Store sometime then.[8] This fact isn't proven, but as many people were apparently extremely upset about the game's release, and nerByte got a lot of backlash, as can be read through online threads, forums, and comments.

In 2017, a trailer showing Lep's World Z was released, turning the last and fourth game into a zombie-apocalypse theme. [9] An early version of Lep's World Z (4) was shown in a clip on Facebook. [10] The website of Lep's World Run was shut down sometime in late 2018. [11] The page from the official nerByte website was removed in 2015. [12]


On October 5th, 2022, a video showcasing the game was uploaded onto YouTube, however, the uploader had no interest in sharing the game's .ipa (IOS-style application format)[13].

On May 20th, 2023, user BlueJayDudeProductions extracted the .ipa file of the game and uploaded it onto Archive.org, resolving this case. [14]

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