Les Renés (found French animated TV series; 1999)

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French-Canadian DVD cover of Les Renés.

Status: Found

Date found: Unknown

Found by: Amazon Prime France

Les Renés was a 1999 French animated series that aired on Canal+. It is based on the paintings of Hervé Di Rosa, about the René family living in "Bonheur-les-Bains" with other characters.[1][2]

Despite being rerun on the French IPTV network GONG and having a DVD release for the Quebecois market, the entire series were not readily available for years. The only footage that was available on the internet were the opening and the pilot, as well as the first four episodes. Eventually, all 26 episodes were added to Amazon Prime France for viewing.

Episode List

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Saint Relou 1999 Found
2 Béton les bains 1999 Found
3 La machine à coin coin 1999 Found
4 Laisse dance 1999 Found
5 Opération rires et bastons 1999 Found
6 Le pain poilant 1999 Found
7 Il y a du bonheur dans l'air 1999 Found
8 Manon découche 1999 Found
9 Dirosaurus Rex 1999 Found
10 La créature du car régie 1999 Found
11 Gastro flash 1999 Found
12 La nuit du Hank 1999 Found
13 Le toutetin tibétain 1999 Found
14 Six rois pour la sirène 1999 Found
15 Tranches de l'art 1999 Found
16 Le retour de Martin Gale 1999 Found
17 Bonheur sur canapé 1999 Found
18 Cadastre exquis 1999 Found
19 Balais roses 1999 Found
20 Les 24 heures de bonheur 1999 Found
21 Le bon roi René 1999 Found
22 Tomate or not tomate 1999 Found
23 Bonheur 3 étoiles 1999 Found
24 Les palourdes du coeur 1999 Found
25 Retour vers le bonheur 1999 Found
26 Melancolie piégée 1999 Found


Les Renés presentation video.

Les Renés opening (low quality).

Les Renés pilot.

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