Leslie Mostly (found "Sesame Street" sketches; 1980-1981)

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The title card used for the sketches.

Status: Found

Date found: 17 Dec 2022

Found by: Various users

Leslie Mostly is a short-lived Muppet from the eleventh and twelfth seasons of Sesame Street. She was the host of “The Leslie Mostly Show,” a talk show host spoof series. Her segments are interviews with other Muppet characters, including The Amazing Mumford, Grover, Count von Count, Cookie Monster, Kermit the Frog, Guy Smiley, and the word “CASA.”

While most of Leslie Mostly's skits have been uploaded to YouTube in English, the Cookie Monster skit has been found in Castilian Spanish, and the Kermit skit has been found in Turkish. The Guy Smiley skit was once available on Verizon Wireless V Cast phones but is no longer available, however, the French version of the sketch can be found online. On December 17th, 2022, YouTube users Treble Gnocchi and LittleJerry92 found the Kermit, Guy Smiley, and Cookie Monster Interviews. The uploaded clips can be viewed below.

The Amazing Mumford Interview.

Count von Count Interview.

Grover Interview.

CASA Interview.

The Kermit Interview.

The Guy Smiley Interview.

The Cookie Monster Interview.

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