Lift Yourself (lost unreleased version with proper lyrics of Kanye West song; 2018)

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Lift Yourself.jpg

Cover art for the released version.

Status: Lost

"Lift Yourself" is a song by American rapper Kanye West. It was first shown on April 27, 2018, through West's website, and was released three days later for digital download and streaming as a standalone single by GOOD Music and Def Jam. It received mostly negative reviews from music critics and was perceived by numerous fans and publications to be him trolling them; following a long build-up, West scats towards the end of the song, rapping nonsensical words. West's verse includes him saying, "Whoopdedy-scoop, whoopdedy-whoop-scoop-poop, poop, poop," and the song abruptly ends after the verse.[1]

GOOD Music president Pusha T revealed on May 25, 2018 that a version of "Lift Yourself" with real other lyrics exists and would be released on West's then-upcoming album.[2][3] However, his next studio album, Ye, didn't include the song.[4] As of 2022, this version of the song has not been released.

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