Liigub? Liigub! (found Estonian animated short film; 1977)

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Liigub Liigub! (1977).jpg

Poster for animated film.

Status: Found

Date found: 23 Mar 2024

Found by: noisemaster

Liigub? Liigub! (in English: It Moves? It Moves!, Russian: Едет? Едет!) is a 1977 Estonian animated short film based on the story Elar Kuus. It was directed by Aarne Ahi and produced by Tallinnfilm Studios. In 1980, a book based on the animated film was published by Heino Mikiver[1].


Stone Age. The caveman goes out hunting. Escaping from a wild animal, he throws a stone axe at it. Then he drags the animal's body back to his cave, where he plays a wooden flute. While the man was walking, a ball falls from the sky, and he gets the idea to build a machine in his head. At first it was just a cart. Time flies quickly, and the man finds himself in the 20th century, where he transforms the cart into a car and tests it.

Animation Crew

  • Director: Aarne Ahi
  • Screenplay: Priit Pärn
  • Cinematography: Tõnu Talivee
  • Production Designers: Kaarel Kurismaa, Tiina Linzbach
  • Animators: Heikki Krimm, Tõnis Sahkai
  • Music: Sven Grünberg[2]
  • Editor: Sirje Haagel
  • Script Supervisor: Silvia Kiik
  • Production Manager: Vladimir Korinfski


The film was screened in Estonia in 1977. On March 15th, 1994 the animated film was broadcast on Estonian TV Channel "Kanal 2"[3]. On December 16th, 2012 the animated film was screened at Cinema Museum in Russia[4].


On March 23rd, 2024, the animated film was found by noisemaster on Arkaader[5] and uploaded to Google Drive[6].

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