Line GoGo! TwinBee (lost vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up mobile game; 2013)

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The game's logo.

Status: Lost

Line GoGo! TwinBee (Line TwinBee) was a free-to-play mobile infinite vertical-scrolling shooter game that was developed by Dracolle Studios (NAVER JAPAN) and published by Konami (LINE GAME) in 2013. The game was online-only. It was available only in Japanese app stores, and only had Japanese language support. It was the only (and last) TwinBee game to be released in 2010s, before the series went absent.


The player controls TwinBee, a flying robot aircraft that moves left and right and shoots automatically. The bomb could be used by double-tapping the touchscreen. Sometimes, when enemies are destroyed, they could drop bells that upgraded the ship. The game was infinite and highscore-based. If TwinBee was destroyed, the game ends and the player loses a life. If there were less than five lives, they would recover by waiting enough time or using premium currency, Sapphires. The boosters were also available, purchased with coins. The players could compete with weekly highscore ratings.


The game was discontinued on June 2, 2014 with some other LINE mobile game titles. All purchased currency was refunded to Japanese users. When the app is opened, it will get stuck at title screen, showing a connection error message.[1]


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