Little Big Adventure 3: Genesis of the Stellar Entity (lost build of cancelled PC adventure game sequel; 2001)

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Status: Lost

Little Big Adventure 3: Genesis of the Stellar Entity is the unreleased third installment in the Little Big Adventure adventure game series. It was to be created by Frédérick Raynal and Didier Chanfray's company No Cliché (formerly Adeline Software International).

In January 2022, Chanfray announced a reboot of Little Big Adventure: instead of the scrapped Genesis of the Stellar Entity, his studio would be creating a new series called Twinsen's Little Big Adventure.

Storyline and gameplay details

The story would have revolved around the mysterious Stellar Entity at the center of Twinsun that was mentioned at the end of LBA1. In order to release the power of the Entity, the planet of Twinsun would have undergone a drastic process of mutation. The main antagonist of the series, Dr. FunFrock, would have attempted to take advantage of the situation to seize power once again.

The player would have controlled three characters: Twinsen, Zoe, and their son Arthur, who would have had a flying skateboard known as "leviboard". The protagonists would have had to stop Dr. FunFrock once again and secure the population of Twinsun during the Genesis of the Stellar Entity.

The game was to be in complete 3D, in contrast to the previous installments that combined 2D and 3D graphics, and have a more realistic art style than LBA 1 and 2.