Little Hippo (partially found English dub of animated series; late 1990s)

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German DVD cover.

Status: Partially Found

Little Hippo (original French title: Petit Potam) was a French animated TV series intended for young audiences, airing in the late 1990s. There was an English dub that aired but almost no footage has been found. However, TV listings exist for an English dub that was shown on the UK Disney Channel circa 1998,[1] and has only rarely been seen since.

Little Hippo is difficult to search for in English, due to the title being ambiguous enough to bring up multiple irrelevant search results, and it was never released on home video in English-speaking territories.

The Northern Kurdish and Zaza versions on Zarok TV used the English dub, and the English intro can be found online, [2] suggesting that the English dub is still available somewhere.

Some clips of the show were found on MediaToon Distribution's website, including part of the intro. [3] The full English intro was uploaded on YouTube.


English intro.