Living Rooms (partially found VRV comedy series; 2019)

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The Fullscreen original promo poster.

Status: Partially Found

Living Rooms was a Fullscreen original, stoner comedy show directed by Kelly L. King, produced by Vanishing Angle, and released in February 2019. The show starred Alyx Weiss as Beth and Jordan Tisdale as Cordell.

It consisted of one season of seven episodes: "Pain Killer", "Cordell Day", "Good Table", "Girl's Night", "Pillow Talk", "Party Time Part 1" and "Party Time Part 2".


The show's premise was that Beth, a single woman, discovers that when high, she can see and hear furniture talking. She spends much of each episode in her apartment, with her roommate Cordell and their furniture, but has many notable encounters with furniture everywhere she goes. Her main goal is to find love and she attempts to use her powers during dates with mixed success. Each piece of furniture is a unique character, usually sassy or desiring something that as an inanimate object they cannot obtain. During the plot of the first episode, Beth convinces Corell of her powers by having him whisper a secret to the couch while she is upstairs, which she then repeats to him upon returning. One notable episode featured her doing chores for a park bench, in exchange for some sort of important info on or lost item's location. The final episode was an apartment party that lead into a drug-alcohol induced montage of trippy effects and talking couches before an important binder (for job/important thing) when missing.


It was most recently available on VRV,[1] which had shut down its operations and did not move to Crunchyroll with the majority of VRV content due to the Crunchyroll-VRV affiliation. The only surviving footage of the show was a trailer that released on VRV's Facebook account on February 20,2019.[2]




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