Living it Sheraton (found unreleased Mars Argo song; 2013-2014)

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Mars Argo.jpg

Mars Argo and Titanic Sinclair.

Status: Found

Date found: 24 Apr 2017

Found by: Argo Mars

In 2013, the musical group Mars Argo were in their prime, having a channel with 20,000 subscribers, many shows planned and their second LP in the making. However, in 2014 the two members broke up the group.[1] This left many songs unreleased and/or unfinished. One of the most notable songs is "Living It Sheraton".

This song was one of the many unfinished songs planned for their first LP. The interest in finding this song started when a user uploaded a short 16-second clip of Mars singing the lyrics "I'm living it, I'm swimming in it, I'm hiding from it all". Sometime later, a 30-second clip of the song being edited was dug up from an archive of Titanic Sinclair's old Tumblr blog. This clip also revealed the song's official name.

Some had suggested that the song may be the now-found "Wet Cigarette". However, that theory was debunked when the real "Wet Cigarette" was released (and debunked completely once the song itself was leaked).


In late 2016, Titanic Sinclair's iCloud was hacked, in turn leaking various unreleased songs, including Dinghy. These songs were passed around in chat rooms and uploaded to a now-deleted Soundcloud account. Titanic Sinclair himself had threatened legal action against anyone who re-uploaded the unreleased songs.

On April 24th, 2017, an anonymous Soundcloud user called "Argo Mars" reuploaded the full song in spite of the legal threats.[2]


A mirror of the original SoundCloud upload, as SoundCloud is going down soon.