Lock 'n' Chase (lost Mattel Electronics DOS game; 1983)

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Lock 'n' Chase DOS.png

An Advertisement from a 1984 Mattel Electronics Catalog featuring the DOS version of Lock 'n' Chase.

Status: Lost

Lock 'n' Chase is an officially licensed conversion of the arcade game by Data East and released by Mattel under their Mattel Electronics branch in 1982. Lock 'N' Chase was the first in a series of conversions based on Data East arcade games, a series that eventually would include Bump 'N' Jump, BurgerTime, Mission X, and Thin Ice (based on the arcade game Disco No. 1). Originally Mattel made a port of Lock 'n' Chase for their Intellivision console, but later it was ported to the Atari 2600 and Apple II Computer.

Lock 'N' Chase, along with BurgerTime and Night Stalker, were announced at the January 1983 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Mattel Electronics stated that the games would be released that year for the Apple II and IBM PC.

Gene Smith completed the IBM version of the game and it received final anpproval from Quality Assurance on September 30, 1983. But for some reason manufacturing was put on hold. Later the project was transferred to the Taiwan office for further development. What changes were being made is unknown. This revised version was still in development when Mattel Electronics closed in 1985.[1]


No known copy of this port have been found. the original 1983 version was sent to Mattel Electronics Taiwan offices for an unknown revision. It is unknown if any working version has been saved.