Lolita, My Love (partially found soundtrack from musical; 1971)

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The cover for the unofficial cast recording.

Status: Partially Found

Lolita, my Love was a 1971 musical by John Barry (a well-known composer for the James Bond movies) and Alan Jay Lerner (known for the musical My Fair Lady) based off the 1955 novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. The musical follows the same premise of the novel: A college professor named Humphert Humphert gains an obsession with and starts to seduce his landlady's 12-year old daughter, Dolores "Lolita" Haze. As was the case with most Broadway musicals at the time, Lolita, my Love was planned to have a multi-city tour before opening on Broadway in order to rewrite and fix any issues with the musical, if needed.

However, due to the controversial nature of the plot, as well as some problems with the show itself, Lolita, my Love got a significant amount of negative reviews when it opened on its first tour stop, Philadelphia. As a result, the musical went through a major overhaul between its first and second stops, replacing crew members (such as the choreographer) and hiring the 12-year old Denise Nickerson (who was known for playing Violet in the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory) to replace the 15-year old who was playing Lolita in Philadelphia.

When the show opened on its second stop (Boston), reviews were more lukewarm. The cast and score were praised, but people were still wary of the show's plot. Due to lackluster ticket sales in Boston, the musical closed for good with no hope of reaching Broadway.

A unofficial soundtrack from the show's Boston run received a limited release shortly after, using a recording from the theater's soundboard spliced into "songs". Some of the songs from this soundtrack have been uploaded to YouTube by various channels and other songs from the musical have been covered by contemporary artists. However, 13 of the Boston show's original recordings of the songs have not resurfaced.

It is unknown if there are any recordings from the Philadelphia show.

The songs from the Boston soundtrack are as follows:

Song Title Status
Overture Found
Going, Going, Gone Found
The Same Old Song Lost
Saturday Found
In The Broken Promise Land of 15 Cover Found
The Same Old Song (Reprise 1) Found
Dante, Petrarch and Poe Found
Sur Les Quais Found
Charlotte's Letter Lost
Farewell, Little Dream Lost
Hello, Little Dream Lost
At the Bed-D-By Motel Lost
Tell Me, Tell Me Found
Buckin' for Beardsley/Beardsley School for Girls Lost
March Out of my Life Lost
The Same Old Song (Reprise 2) Lost
All You Can Do Is Tell Me You Love Me Found
How Far Is It to the Next Town Lost
How Far Is It to the Next Town (Reprise) Lost
Lolita Cover Found (Starts at 7:40)
Finale Lost