MARIO Victim (found unedited photo of Mario Creepypasta; 2010)

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Mario VICTIM.jpg

A touched-up version of the image.

Status: Found

Date found: 01 Sep 2023 (Original Image) / 09 Sep 2023 (Unedited Image)

Found by: G O D (Original Image) / ACT8113 (Unedited Image)

MARIO is a creepypasta about a ROM hack on the 1991 Super Mario World. The story takes place on the SMW Central site - a site known for ROM Hacks on Super Mario World- A moderator named Adam found a strange ROM hack called "MARIO". Booting up the game, it states that Mario is the villain of the game. As Adam converses throughout the level, he encounters eerie levels and cryptic messages, one of them being about "Victim #1", a person who had her eyeballs gouged out and found lying on her carpet.[1][2] Adam posts his findings on the forums, though how the creepypasta really got popular was the image that was hidden in the files. The image had details from the message about Victim #1, being given the name, "MARIO Victim #1". Even though the image was popular, a search was made to find the original and unedited photo from the creepypasta.


From a post on the Creepypasta subreddit, a deleted user comments that it was a GIMP photoshop on a band member, quote:

It's a GIMP photoshop of some band member. It was proven to be fake by the "creator" on /x/ after the image was posted like wildfire. The original filename of this is "12560129686.jpg" and it had a stale-ass copypasta that was tagged along with it saying "PLEASE DONT DOWNLOAD THIS IMAGE IT MAY CONTAIN MP3 FILES INCLUDING A VIRUS" or something like that.[3]

Also in the comment was a link to a 4chan archive that backs up their claim. A comment from an anonymous user gives a more detailed version on what happened after someone asked how it was used, quote:

Anon said that image just appeared on his desktop. Then as the thread went on, said sound files started appearing on his computer and posted them for download. Sound files were samples of his band. Some people, or OP samefagging, started playing along, saying after listening to the sound files, the image appeared on their desktop as well, and listening to the sound files caused them to feel ill/dizzy. When viewed in the old Windows Media Player, you know, the one that displayed graphic images that reflected the music, several anons, or again, OP samefagging, said the images were all spirals, and posted pics of the file playing in the media player. This caught on like wildfire both here and at /sanc/ of a period of about 36 hours, until OP came clean and admitted it was all a hoax.[4]

YouTuber, Midnight Krick then makes a video on what he believed to be the original image. He claims that the original image was from a still on a japanese video game called "Fatal Frame". People believed that it could be the original image due to its similarities. However, he put his video as outdated because he got in contact with the band member who made the image. This band member named Jordan Davis claims he was the person who made the image and is finding it on a old hard drive. Jordan Davis gives a description on the image, quote:

The original was a Japanese girl in makeup, iirc it was from a “black metal” type photoshoot. I had found it randomly on Google images years ago and cropped and edited it to hell at the time.

Image of one asian woman wearing black and white makeup, slightly bent over, latex gloved hands on face, with daylit field in background

Jordan claims that he remembers using keywords such as “creepy asian” on Google images. Jordan also stated when being sent an image of a band member from the Taiwanese band Chthonic, that it looked incredibly similar to the makeup style in the original.

Debunked Rumors

Throughout its search, the image was mistaken for various things. Some of the mistakes were:

  • Fatal Frame Woman in Pain
  • A mango
  • A real dead body
  • ChainmailChasers (an ARG about creepypasta)
  • Jeremy Clarkson
  • Amanda from Saw 2
  • Bloody Mary image


On September 2nd, 2023, Discord user "G O D" posted the original photo on a server called "Victimcord", with the alleged creator confirming it was the original image.[5]

On September 9th, 2023, user, ACT8113 found the actual unedited photo without the vignette, orange hue and crop. The user states that the EXIF data from the original image kept the thumbnail data of the camera before the edits, finally ending the search altogether.




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