Machine Robo Rescue (found Singaporean English dub of anime series; 2005)

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Machine robo rescue.jpg

Japanese DVD cover.

Status: Found

Date found: 08 Nov 2018

Found by: TheApolloDubArchive

Machine Robo Rescue is an anime series based on Bandai/Poppy's long-running Machine Robo toy line. Produced by Sunrise, the show aired for 53 episodes between January 2003 and January 2004 on TV Tokyo.

Unreleased in Western English-speaking markets, Machine Robo Rescue received an English dub for the south-east Asian one. The series premiered on Kids Central in Singapore in September 2005.[1][2] The dub was produced locally at Voiceovers Unlimited and was directed by Brian Zimmerman.[3][4] It starred Cindy Creekmore, Chuck Powers, Dwayne Tan, Emily Williams, Natasha Malinsky and Paul Pistore.[5]

VCDs for the series were released in Southeast Asian markets, though they've long gone out of print and are difficult to obtain.[6] In 2018, TheApolloDubArchive found and uploaded the series from the VCDs, eventually releasing the entire series.[7]


  • Cindy Creekmore - Taiyo Ozora, Rin Haruka
  • Chuck Powers - Brad Bitou, Col. Hazard, Shou Ashigawa, Susumu Utada, Tsuyoshi Utada
  • Dwayne Tan - Arias "Ace" Hono, Gyro Robo, Jay, Ken Minami, Koshiro Sakaki, Submarine Robo
  • Emily Williams - Alice Beckham, Makoto Aikawa
  • Natasha Malinsky - Marie Bitou, Sayuri Suizenji
  • Paul Pistore - Bon, FireRobo, Gura Gorros, Jet Robo, Kai Kitazawa, Kaiser-G, Musashi Miyajima


Cip of episode 1 of the English dub.

Another clip of episode 1.

A clip of episode 1 of the English dub.


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