Machot drives it all... aka "The First hardcore erotic Game in the world!" (lost PC erotic game; 1994)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its pornographic subject matter/visuals.


The American ad in PC Gamer magazine.

Status: Lost

In November 1994, issue 71 of the popular French video game magazine Génération 4 (AKA Gen4) came out.
In it, there was a full-page mail-order ad for an erotic video game from Real World Software - a subsidiary of Real World Multimedia - promoted as "The First hardcore erotic Game in the world!" ("Le Premier Jeu érotique hard au monde!" as originally written) without confirming the title.

In July 1995, issue Vol.2 No.7 of the American PC gaming magazine PC Gamer was released, including a full-page mail-order ad promoting both Armaëth and this erotic game, under the title Machot drives it all....

Translated Gen4 Ad Text

Full-page ad in issue 71 of Génération 4 magazine.


The First hardcore erotic Game in the world!
"You are on a HOT investigation inside a woman hotel... Games for women... and men... Designed for adults who are in a hurry, puzzles without hurting your brain, so you can have fun, relax, watch... animated format in 3D and 256 colors, MCGA, VGA or SuperVGA, for any PC Compatible from 8086 to the 80486, mouse or keyboard controls, silent mode and a boss key that instantly hides away the screen. Sent discreetly in an inconspicuous envelope. Software in French."

"This program contains potentially explicit erotic content and is not meant for teenagers. The buyer holds full responsibility for its usage and Real World Software will not be held responsible for any kind of circumstances."


PC Gamer Ad Text

The full-page American ad in PC Gamer magazine, Vol.2 No.7. Includes Armaëth.

Artificial Intelligence

"Uses true Virtual Reality logic, all game characters act freely through Artificial Intelligence!"
"The adventure is unpredictable and develops in Real Time in front of your eyes. Each game round is unique!!"
Virtual Reality
"Interactive 3D animated 256 colors cartoon"
"Uses keyboard or mouse. Requires IBM PC 80286, VGA Minimal"

Machot drives it all...

"You drive a screaming police inquiry in a damn hot hotel and you must uncover all of its women's secrets ! Easy straightforward direct game, no difficulties ! Hot erotic entertainment designed for adults. First in World!"[2]

About the Game

Oddly enough, the title of the game is not said in the French ad, but is clearly confirmed as Machot drives it all... in the American ad, where it's also shortened to "Machot".
Despite this game's French slogan - and the last line of description in the American ad - it is certainly not the "first hardcore erotic game in the world", as many erotic/pornographic video games came out on consoles as early as the Atari 2600.

Comparison between Armaëth and Machot.

The graphics and interface shown of Machot are very reminiscent of Armaëth: The Lost Kingdom, another point-and-click adventure video game by Real World Software. In fact, Armaëth could be bought with Machot or separately through the American ad, at the same price.

Not sold in stores, Machot is only known to have been bought through the mail, paid with a cheque. American price was 50 dollars or 32 British pounds.
French price was 299 francs (the equivalent of about 50 dollars, accounting for inflation). Armaëth and Machot had the same price, and could be both bought for 80 dollars or 50 British pounds.

Copies could be ordered on 3,5 inches or 5,25 inches floppy disks.

Both ads give warnings to confirm that the buyer is over 18 in order to legally acquire it.

Despite the company being in the UK, both ads originate in publications from France and North America.

As of now, no known copies of Machot are known to still exist.