Madoka Magica Fone (partially found mobile apps; 2013-2014)

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Status: Partially Found

Puella Magi Madoka Magica fone, also known as Madoka Magica Fone or simply Madoka Fone (魔法少女まどか☆マギカfone) was a series of wallpaper apps created by LEGS Singapore to promote Madoka Magica Rebellion. The apps were released from 2013 to 2014 as part of LEGS' Anifone brand. The apps were removed from the Google Play Store and App Store on August 31, 2015 when the Anifone brand was discontinued.


Madoka Magica Fone was the first set of apps made for a series called "Anifone". The first app for Madoka Magica Fone, Madoka Version, was announced on October 16, 2013[1][2]. The app was released to the Japanese Google Play Store on November 4, 2013 [3].

Madoka Version, alongside other apps, were gradually released to more countries. The app was released in the United States on December 3, 2013[4][3].

Homura Version was released on December 30, 2013[5][3].

The apps were promoted using advertisements which featured the original Japanese and English voice actresses. The Japanese advertisement is notably lost.

On March 10, 2014[6][7][3], Mami Version, Sayaka Version, and Kyoko Version are released.

On March 18, a "large update" would be announced, and a limited time app, Madoka Magica fone Petit, was announced the same day.[8][9][3]. Petit was intended to be available until April 20, but was removed on May 31 due to popular demand[10].

Madoka Magica fone Petit was released on March 22 [3].

Development of the iOS versions of Madoka Magica Fone, known as "Puella Magi Madoka Magica fone for i" was also announced on March 10[3][6]. The apps were released on August 13.

On August 17, 2015, Anifone would announce its shutdown, releasing a roadmap of when their apps would be removed (English version of roadmap). All Madoka Magica Fone apps were removed from the Google Play Store and App Store on August 31. Anifone shut down on October 30, 2015.


The apps functioned as interactive wallpapers. LEGS Singapore heavily promoted that Foneclay technology was used for Anifone apps[11].

The apps don't work on their own, and require three other apps to work. The first app is Kyubey Calculator, which is a Kyubey-themed calculator as the name suggests. The other two apps are specific "Witch Mode" and "Witch Battle" apps, which each app had their own version of.

The apps most of the time functioned as a phone theme, although there are times where a 'Witch's Kiss' will appear, which will allow you to fight Witches from Madoka Magica. There is also a "Witch Encyclopedia" which has exclusive information on the Witches, as well as unlockable photos from the show and exclusive voice lines[12].

The apps don't work on modern Android and are very unstable on older Android versions, except for Android 4.


Prior to March 2023, the only publicly available Madoka Magica Fone apps were Homura Fone and Madoka Magica fone Petit; as well as Kyubey Calculator and the Witch Mode and Witch Battle apps. The rest of the Android apps were discovered and downloaded from Baidu Wangpan from March to August 2023.

A development version of the iOS app Mami Fone for i, dating back to July 3, 2014, was discovered in ArchiveTeam's Testflight archives in December 2023.

The Android version of Madoka Fone Kyoko Version, and the rest of the iOS versions remain lost.

List of Apps

App Name Status
Madoka Version Found
Homura Version Found
Mami Version Found
Sayaka Version Found
Kyoko Version Lost
Mami Version (iOS development version) Found
iOS Versions Lost
Madoka Magica fone Petit Found
Kyubey Calculator Found
Witch Mode and Witch Battle apps Found


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