Mafia on the Bounty (lost comedy film; 1980)

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Mafia on the Bounty.JPG

Poster for the film.

Status: Lost

Mafia on the Bounty is an independent 1980 gangster spoof film written and directed by Joseph Van Winkle.[1] It starred several well known actors, including Jackie Vernon, Vic Tayback, and Jackie Gayle.

The plot concerns a mob boss who becomes interested in taking advantage of Atlantic City's recently legalized gambling laws. He organizes a pretend meeting with many of the top Dons in the country on a luxury yacht off the coast of San Francisco and plants a bomb aboard the ship, planning to blow them up to gain complete control over the territory. However, matters are complicated when the yacht comes in contact with another ship filled with homosexual rights activists who rally against the mobsters and a young actress who mistakenly believes the mobsters are filmmakers and tries to audition on board.

Production on the film took place in the summer of 1977. After completion, the film was shelved for three years until the spring of 1980, when a sneak preview was screened at California's Fallbrook theater. The film's short run in theaters suggests it was received poorly, and the studio permanently shelved it.

No copies of the film are known to exist, and the original copies' whereabouts are unknown. No footage or production photos have surfaced. Only posters, promotional fliers, and standard and disco versions of the soundtrack single "Big Boss Man" have survived.[2]

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