Magic of the Ninja (partially found English dub of "Kaiketsu Lion-Maru"; 1972-1973)

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VHS Cover For Movie.

Status: Partially Found

Kaikestu Lion-Maru or The Vigilant Lion Knight is a Japanese tokusatsu television series produced by P Productions that ran from 1972-1973 and is the first series in the Lion-Maru franchise.

The series follows Shishimaru, a man who becomes the lion themed hero Lion-Maru,[1] along with his orphaned siblings, and together they save people from evil in a classic monster of the week format.

The series was dubbed in English, but only one episode on VHS by Kids Klassics has managed to surface in North America; dubbed "Magic of the Ninja". This episode was also sold at various toy store franchises, including Toys R Us.


Magic of the Ninja Episode 1 with YouTuber intro.


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