Maple Town (partially found Saban English dub of anime series; late 1980s)

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Maple Town.jpg

Japanese VHS tape of the 5th volume featuring Patty.

Status: Partially Found

Maple Town (メイプルタウン物語 Maple Town Monogatari) is a 1986 children's anime series by Toei animation where the entire cast are anthropomorphic animals with a Victorian aesthetic (reminiscent of Peter Rabbit or Sylvanian Families), that was associated with a doll toyline.

The series focuses on the daily life of a young female rabbit named Patty and her friends Bobby the bear and eventually Rolly a female dog.

English Dub

The series was brought over in the United States in the late 1980s and gained an English dub by Saban. It aired on Nickelodeon (And eventually Nick Jr) from May 18th, 1987, until September 1st, 1989 alongside other anime such as Belle and Sebastian, The Adventures of the Little Prince, Noozles, and Adventures of the Little Koala.[1]

The American-Canadian version is notable for having a short live-action segment by a female host doing actives before introducing the animated segments.


Out of the 39 episodes aired of the series, only a couple episodes of the Saban English dub could be found online.[2] There was originally going to be 65 episodes aired, but for some reason that didn't happen.

The anime did gain an official home release in other European countries such as Spain, The Netherlands, and Germany.


Maple Town opening.

A clip from one of the episodes.

The third part to the episode Teacher, Please Don't Go.

The third part to the episode The Children's Forest.

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