Marine Kong (partially found Japanese Kaiju TV series; 1960)

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The title of Marine Kong.

Status: Partially Found

Marine Kong (nothing to do with King Kong) is a kaiju show that ran for 2 series (thirteen-episode chapters) in 1960. The show was only shown on the Fuji Television network on Sunday mornings from 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM.[1][2] It was the first Japanese television series that stars a kaiju, taking inspiration from giant monster films as well as anime.[3]


The series was about a giant reptilian monster that has risen from the ocean to attack the city of Hiratsuka. It was eventually discovered that it was a giant dinosaurian robot created by the Z-Gang, a criminal organization about to conquer Japan but their plans are often thwarted by Dr. Yada, a renowned scientist.


It was a popular show spawning a manga and other merchandise,[4] but no copy of an entire episode has surfaced, even though it had a partial VHS release in 1984.[5] Episode 2 (in Low Quality), A 6-minute video with many Marine Kong clips of the monster (which has now become private), a full 30-second clip (again, most of the monster), the ending to one of the episodes, and a few screenshots and posters are all that is available.


Ending to one of the episodes.

A 30 second clip of the monster.

Episode 2.


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