Marshall Coleman (lost audio/video recordings from several performances of solo artist; 1997-2003)

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Marshall Coleman, taken sometime around 2000 at a live performance, with his band Big Blue Frog.

Status: Lost

Marshall Coleman is an retired solo musician originally from California, that is well known for his 1997 solo album Love Is Suicide, released by 911 Entertainment.[1] His album, around the time, sparked some popularity in the San Francisco Bay Area after the release, due to 911 Entertainment's well-known internet presence during the late 1990s.[2][3]

Late Night With James Gabbert on KOFY-TV

According to a press release on Marshall Coleman's website, that was made by the same company, Marshall Coleman was scheduled to perform on KOFY-TV's late-night program that involved local host James Gabbert on September 14th, 1997, a week before the worldwide release of Love Is Suicide. However, as of 2021, it has not been surfaced online.

Love Is Suicide - San Francisco/Fremont Release Parties

A week after Marshall's performance, it was revealed on 911 Entertainment's press release on the Marshall Coleman site, there was going to be a 2-day release party and one of them was in San Francisco, with the solo artist performing with Floodland which was an "unsigned band" in the South Bay, and with The Mermen at the Transmission Theatre performance in Fremont.

Nothing has been surfaced from those events as well and most likely that an unsurfaced copy of the 2-day release parties is out there somewhere.

December 1999 Show/Viva's - Acoustic Show (February 2000)

An article was published on February 10th, 2000 by Antje DePonte, which detailed that the solo artist was scheduled to perform at a venue known at the time as "Viva's" on February 13th of that same year.

The article also included that Marshall Coleman performed live sometime around December 1999 for over 500 people in Sacramento, opening for a known band that was called "Mr. Big". In May 2020, it was revealed via Facebook Messenger that Coleman's band that played there was called "Big Blue Frog" after corresponding with a fan of his previous work.[4]

2000-2003 Shows

Marshall also revealed last year, that he continued to play shows with his band Big Blue Frog throughout 2000-2003 and would play the songs off of Love Is Suicide. There were plans of the solo artist transferring over a copy that he said he had in his possession around the time, but has since not contacted since then.


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