Mask Rider (lost build of cancelled English localization of "Kamen Rider Club" Famicom action-adventure game; 1989)

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An ad for then-upcoming Bandai games, including Mask Rider.

Status: Lost

Mask Rider is a cancelled English localization of Kamen Rider Club: Gekitotsu Shocker Land, an action-adventure game released for the Famicom in 1988.


In the game, the player would have played as the three Mask Riders (Kamen Riders) on their "deadly mission into the nuclear-active Shockerland to hunt down and destroy its ruthless leader".[1] It would have likely played similarly to its Japanese predecessor.


Not much is known about this game, except that it was going to be released in 1989 by Bandai USA, but it was cancelled for unknown reasons. No prototypes of the official English translation are known to exist.


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