MasterChef: The Professionals: Series 13 (partially found footage of unidentified contestant on BBC cooking show; 2020)

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What viewers saw at the start of Episode 7.

Status: Partially Found

MasterChef: The Professionals is a spin-off of the cooking competition MasterChef. Airing since 2008 by the BBC, this spin-off as the name implies features experienced chefs competing in a knockout format to earn the prestigious MasterChef title. Series 13 Episode 7 was broadcast on 24th November 2020 and saw chefs Burhan Ahmed and Guillaume Dunos qualify for the Quarter-Finals at Scott's expense. However, at the episode's beginning, a statement informed viewers that a fourth contestant had been edited out of the programme.


Series 13 Episode 7 would feature four competing chefs as part of the heats stage of MasterChef: The Professionals.[1][2][3] Among them included Burhan Ahmed, an experienced Chef de Partie; Guillaume Dunos, Chef Patron of the London-based La Ferme; and Scott, a chef at a Manchester bistro.[4][5][1] The episode was split into two challenges; a skills test, where the contestants must cook a set dish within a limited duration, and a signature dish, where they have an hour to prepare their own meal.[2][3] For the skills test, Ahmed and Dunos were tasked by Monica Galetti to produce her smoked trout recipe served with celeriac remoulade.[3] Meanwhile, Scott faced the challenge of replicating Marcus Wareing's Crêpes Suzette.[3][1][5] The three chefs then produced their signature dishes, to be judged by Galetti, Wareing, and Gregg Wallace.[3][1][2] Based on the performances from both tests, the judges put Ahmed and Dunos through to the Quarter-Finals, thus eliminating Scott.[3][1][5][4]

The episode is somewhat overshadowed by its opening statement, which informed viewers that the programme had been modified to remove a fourth contestant.[3][1][5] Upon receiving requests for comment, a spokesperson for the show confirmed the competitor had been removed due to "unforeseen circumstances", though refused to elaborate further.[1][5] The original and follow-up statements led to rampant speculation from MasterChef fans on the contestant's identity and why they were essentially expunged from the show's records.[6][7][8][1][3][5] It is believed the fourth contestant would have prepared a Crêpes Suzette alongside Scott.[1][3][5] Screenshots from viewers also showed apparent sightings of this chef cooking their signature dish, leading to the conclusion they were most likely male.[1][5] However, others claimed that a trailer for the episode featured a woman with brown hair, who was mysteriously edited out in a later version.[6] It is unclear whether their elimination was directly linked to the "unforeseen circumstances".[1][5] Regardless, seeing as Wallace announced that either Dunos or Scott was to be eliminated, it is presumed the fourth contestant exited before Scott did.[6]

Since then, several theories circulated surrounding the fourth contestant's disappearance.[3][6][7] The first concerned the possibility they were disqualified for violent or other unacceptable conduct before the signature dishes were judged.[3][6][7][8] Some viewers noted an especially stressful kitchen environment for that episode, leading them to ponder whether the fourth chef instigated it.[5] Others speculated the chef performed exceptionally poorly to the point where they and/or their employer threatened legal action should they remain in the final edit.[7][6] Another theory concerned the chef's background and whether they had a serious criminal record unbeknownst to the BBC at the time of recording.[3] But perhaps the most prevalent rumour was that the contestant was an employee of the shipping company Stena Line.[8][6] Allegedly, they had cooked a signature dish that was a protected Stena Line recipe.[8][6] As a result, the chef violated the organisation's non-disclosure agreement, additionally forcing the BBC to edit all footage of the contestant out on legal grounds.[8][6]

With the rumour mill in full swing, entertainment news site Deadline contacted a MasterChef spokeswoman requesting further details.[9] The spokeswoman responded that it was a private matter, which Deadline revealed actually concerned health matters.[9] Little else was discussed, making it unclear whether the expungement was done as a mark of respect for an ailing contestant, or because of COVID-19-related issues.[9][3] Notably, Series 13 was produced just after the first UK national lockdown was lifted, which mandated the show be filmed exclusively within 3 Mills Studios and conform to strict COVID-19 filming regulations.[10][11] Because of this, some allegations floated that the contestant's removal was down to COVID-19 protocol violations, including the failure to conduct a COVID-19 test.[3] Naturally, these rumours have not been confirmed nor denied by the BBC or MasterChef's producers, with its spokespeople refusing to expand upon their initial comments.[9][1][5]


Series 13 Episode 7 of MasterChef: The Professionals can be fully watched on BBC iPlayer. Only a few cameos of the fourth contestant are believed to dwell within the final cut, all during the cooking of the signature dishes.[1][5] Because of the extent the BBC went towards removing the chef from the show, it is extremely likely the noted health concerns were of an especially serious nature.[9][1][5] Thus, there is little chance of any additional relevant media leaking to the public, with the chef having also made no comments following the episode's airing.

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