Mausspots (partially lost animated interstitials; 1970s-present)

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Screenshot from an interstitial.

Status: Partially Lost

Maus is a character from WDR's longest-running educational show "Die Sendung Mit Der Maus" (otherwise known as Mouse TV).

However, despite Maus's 40 year run, WDR hasn't been kind to his interstitial animations known as Mausspots, which consist of 1 minute of antics from Maus and his pals, Elefant (a midget blue elephant), Ente (a yellow duck) and Hase (a pink bunny) through the majority Center on Maus.

In recent years, WDR has been showing only the Mausspots from recent to those from the 1980s and the 1990s on episodes of their show as well as international versions known under the Mouse TV. banner

While the majority of those from Die Sendung Mit Der Maus's early years sadly remain lost as WDR refuse to show them on Maus's website as well as any plans to remaster them for future airings despite WDR's parent company [ARD]'s website only has 2 early animations of Maus one of which is the first intro from 1971.

However, There are scraps of Mausspots that are abandoned from broadcast floating on YouTube.



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