Max Adventures: World of Paddle Pop (partially found MMO game based off of a Thai animated series; 2014-2016)

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The game's logo.

Status: Partially Found

Max Adventures: World of Paddle Pop is a Turn-based MMORPG made by SapientNitro agency to the unilever campaign called "max adventures" and have been playable for 2014 to 2016, after the company ended the website [1]


The game was built to compete with other online kids games with it averaging 29-30 minutes of gameplay per session, and being released on the max adventure website along with other games and extras, the beta being announced on August 21, 2014 through a trailer.[2]

After the beta phase, the game link was shown on ice cream packaging and Wall's brand channels, and he became a finalist and winner of 2015 web award for outstanding achievement.[3]


In the game, you could create your account and it was redirected to the character creation screen, where you could name the character, after that you can walk around the map, do missions, talk to the characters in the cartoon, and fight enemies that randomly appear using card system where you could choose between cards that cost energy and defense, on the other hand, the item winning system was through purchase by merchants or through a roulette system where a random item was obtained.

The story of the game follows the same premise as the original show where you had to protect the village from the evil forces of the shadow master and in 2015 a final additional content was added to the game called "Atlantos" where a new area was added to the world.[4]


After 2016, the website was closed without any explanation, when you enter it you were redirected to wall's or unilever official website, as all online games became unavailable.



The game's lunch trailer.

Gameplay of the Portuguese version.


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