Max Payne (lost build of cancelled Sega Dreamcast port; 1998)

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Mockup cover.

Status: Lost

Back in 1997, Take-Two announced a Dreamcast port of Max Payne, alongside two more titles, while the PC version was also in the works. Despite Rockstar Games' initial optimism for the Dreamcast port, Max Payne's console release faced continuous delays.

Take-Two made it clear that the Dreamcast version wouldn't see the light of day until the PC version was out. Its release was supposed to follow the PC port, with images and DVDs showcased at E3 in 1998 and given out to journalists. Footage even leaked, building anticipation. However, even with the PC version hitting the shelves, the Dreamcast port remained elusive. Max Payne on Dreamcast encountered numerous setbacks, facing multiple postponements until its eventual cancellation in 2000. [1]


In an interview, one of Remedy's founders admitted, "No, I have never seen a code of Max Payne run on Dreamcast." They even went as far as stating there were never any official dev kits for the Dreamcast port. [2]

The game's movements and controls were reportedly well-suited for the Dreamcast; with, leaked footage and trailers seeming to contradict the statement that no code had ever been run from Max Payne on the Dreamcast.

Some speculate that the cancellation was a strategic move. With Max Payne hitting PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox in the same year, and Sega discontinuing Dreamcast production, Remedy and Take-Two may have seen the writing on the wall. Importing the game to Dreamcast might have incurred substantial costs, especially with the potential need for multiple CD-ROMs. [3]



A trailer of the Dreamcast Port provided by IGN.

A trailer of the Dreamcast Port provided by IGN from Jul 26, 1999.

A E3 teaser for the Dreamcast Port from 1998.

A E3 teaser for the Dreamcast Port from 1999.